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Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Welcome to our blog! As the title suggests, and hopefully you have read in the about me pages etc, we are starting a blog about all things to do with fitness, veganism and nutrition, to help people on their journey. I would have appreciated the help when I first started – a combination of lack of looking and lack of finding helpful information meant I mostly just muddled by at the beginning on my own.

Firstly, welcome to a new you. If you are here because you’ve just started on your vegan, fitness or nutrition journey (or all three at once!) then this should hopefully be really helpful for you. If you are already experienced in them, then hopefully this can also help you progress and move your training and/or nutrition to the next level! Either way, or if you are somewhere in between, hopefully you will find it entertaining and enjoy following our continued journey.

Via the blog, we will keep people updated on how our training is going, with a hope that it will encourage you guys to train harder, as well as keep us accountable to push us harder. We will also upload recipes which we have enjoyed and introduce you to new easy-to-make healthy vegan food. Over time, this blog will hopefully evolve and we will cover things people want to know and we will give tips based on our experiences on vegan food and exercise. We will also try and keep it a light entertaining blog on the way. Of course, in veganism there are some dark, dark things, but we all know that already – so I’ll try and make you smile whilst helping you on your journey. Indeed, also please feel free to help us on our journey with advice and feedback.

Where it starts

You’ve already started by coming onto this blog, you’ve shown a willingness to learn, or an openness to veganism and plant-based foods. That or you are a troll who’s got nothing better to do with your life than troll blogs and people.

I’ll give a little intro about where it all started for me, and hopefully you can relate. For me, it entirely started with the ethics. I was brought up a vegetarian, and it never ever made sense to me why people ate meat. It was always an abhorrent act for me. What I wasn’t though, was educated – of course I still have things to learn, but I am a lot better now! That or I was wilfully ignorant about the dairy industry and probably didn’t want to know. I didn’t know how terrible the egg and dairy industries are until I watched a video in my second year of university, of little new male chicks being chucked into a grinder. From that day on, I never ate eggs. I quickly looked at the dairy industry having realised what I had believed my whole life was not actually true. The same day that I realised eggs are awful, I also realised dairy is too, so that day I went fully vegan and never went back. This was about 9 years ago, and I have never ever regretted it, and hopefully neither will you!

This was when my vegan journey started, but has ever since been growing. However, it took a few years until my interest in fitness really peaked. Whilst at university, I did join the uni boxing team and started going to the gym, however this was merely a vague interest, and I never worried about eating healthily, macros or nutrients. I also didn’t go to the gym enough for it to be a passion. It was however certainly a start – a lot more than a lot of people at uni will do!

It wasn’t until I attended a new gym which was opening up in a business park in Ipswich – Suffolk Strength Academy. The premise of this gym is that it is a Stongman/woman gym, which focuses on group training with the specialised equipment. It was then that I really started getting into health and fitness. I realised how fun exercising can be, and how much better it can make you feel when you are being consistent. It was a new experience for me, I was always quite shy, and hearing about a strongman gym was, I must admit, a little intimidating. After attending my first session though, I realised I should never have been worried. The coach, Ben Gray, made everyone feel at ease – even if it did involve jokingly (I think) calling you all the names under the sun in his northern accent. Oddly it seems OK to call people names in a northern accent.

Anyway, this was when I first started to really love going to the gym. Once you start going consistently, you start to realise how fun it is, and you start seeing results! However, I still didn’t know much about nutrition, and wasn’t eating the healthiest of diets. To correct this, I started to then study nutrition and exercise from reading books and scientific studies, watching documentaries and reading on the internet. When I moved to London from Ipswich, it unfortunately meant having to leave the Suffolk Strength Academy, and start being more independent in my training, so meant a real learning curve. I have been adjusting my diet and exercise routine, finding out what works for me, and then finally took the plunge to train to become a personal trainer. I am level 2 qualified, and currently studying towards my level 3 - I will keep you updated on that progress as I go. I’m hoping to complete it in the next few months.

I’ve also started helping friends and family on their health and fitness journeys. Unfortunately, they are not all plant based, but I can at least help them with their exercise routine whilst encouraging them to be more-healthy by adopting a plant based diet. My fiancée, and fellow blog poster, Jenny, is also my training partner, and she has been vegan for the past three years, she has felt great ever since. Unfortunately, due to a surgical procedure, she has been unable to train with me regularly over the last half a year, but is now getting back into it. It means we are able to support each other with training and eating healthily. Jenny has a real interest in nutrition and has read numerous books and studies about plant based nutrition, which has helped me change my diet to meet my exercise needs, and help me improve a lot.

Now we have arrived at the present day. I hope this gave you a little insight into my life and my journey so far, and look forward to sharing it with you and hearing about yours over the coming months. Please do feel free to engage with us on Facebook or Message via the site or indeed go on Instagram and let me know what you like/dislike about the blog, what you would like me to cover, and how you are doing on your journey. We can all help each other out – combining both the exercise community, health community and vegan community together, which are all great communities in their own right.

Thanks a million for reading.


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