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Health Promoting Smoothie - Recipe

Makes: 1    |      Prep time: 5 minutes     |      Cook time: n/a



1 small apple, washed and chopped into 8ths

1/4 cucumber, washed and chopped

1 handful spinach, washed

1 handful frozen mixed berries

1 small chunk ginger, peeled (amount of ginger will depend on taste - I use a chunk about the size of the end of my thumb)

5 fresh mint leaves

Juice of 1/4 lemon

1 blender


This recipe is for one smoothie. I like the taste of this combination of ingredients, but you can mix it up to see what you like (e.g. use frozen blueberries instead of mixed berries, kale instead of spinach etc)

1) Prepare all ingredients.

2) Add ingredients to blender and blend in accordance with blender instructions.

3) Pour out smoothie into glass and enjoy!


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