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My Top 5 Exercises to do From Home – Exercise Series

What with the current pandemic going around, we’ve had lots of people asking us for tips around working out from home because they don’t want to chance going to the gym. Totally understandable – even if you’re a young fit and healthy person, you’re doing your bit to reduce the spread of it, so well done you!

Why are some of these with resistance bands?

Resistance bands are super effective at building lean muscle, toning up and also losing weight. They allow you to isolate muscles, as well as compound them, just depends on what movements you do with them. You can also change the resistance easily by manipulating the bands and they usually come in a set of 5 or so of different thickness for different resistance.

They are also super cheap and you can take them on holiday (once flights have resumed), and tidy them away in a cupboard when not in use. You don’t need much space to use them and are so versatile. If you couldn’t tell, I LOVE them.

So without having to sell you on them further, these are my top 5, along with helpful video tutorials.


Yes – I hear you all groaning about burpees, but the reason I love them is because they get your heart pumping, whilst combining different planes of motion and explosive movements. The reason it’s hard work is because it’s good! Here’s our little tutorial of it:

Zig Zags

I think this is a Herbivore Health original (it may well be out there under a different name, but as far as I’m aware, I created it!). This targets your abs and the reason I created this was to workout all the abs in one movement. By moving the legs to the side as well as up and down, it means your shifting the weight over to different muscles throughout the movement. It’s quite a tricky one to get your head around, but please take a look at our tutorial below:

Upright Rows

The reason we’re using resistance bands for targeting the shoulders, is because shoulders are quite difficult to target without resistance bands. There are Pike Push-ups you can use, but they can be quite difficult if you’re not that advanced. So grab those resistance bands and give this a go!

Bicep Curls

You’re gonna wanna keep the gun show going for when you come out of isolation, so make sure you keep up the hard work. Again, biceps are difficult to target without resistance bands, so we utilise our super handy resistance bands for this. Check it out.

Wide Arm Press Up

We all love a wide arm press up right? Course we do! Well the reason this makes our top 5 is because it manages to work the back AND the chest! You’re also able to do different variations based on your skill level. We show two variations in the tutorial so you can get going right away!

Hope you found these all helpful. You can implement these to stay strong and healthy during the times you’re at home. Stay safe, and stay healthy! All the best!


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