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Sweet treats for health-conscious vegans

Let’s face it, we could all do with a pick-me-up at the moment. Life as we knew it has ground to a halt and many of us have been left reeling, with limited social connection to help us through this time. It can be tempting to say “screw it” and reach for the dairy-free ice cream, but you might find that you regret derailing your health and fitness goals (not least because it’s important to be as healthy as possible during a global pandemic!). To help with this, I want to give you some ideas for healthier options before you decide on your comfort food of choice!

1. Banana “nice” cream

This is a favourite of ours, and we often have it while watching a film at the weekend. It’s delicious, nutritious and can be flavoured with loads of different ingredients, from peanut butter to berries. It takes a little bit of advance planning (you need to freeze ripe bananas), but apart from that it is super quick to make and satisfies those ice cream cravings! Check out our recipe here.

2. Sweet potato chocolate brownies

You won’t believe how delicious our sweet potato chocolate brownies are! They taste soo fudgy and chocolatey that you won’t believe they are made from whole foods! Do remember that, although they are nutrient dense they are also calorie dense, so factor that in when deciding how many to eat – it’s tricky, because they taste amazing! Check out our recipe here – can you tell this is one of my favourites?!

3. Oat muffins

Another favourite of mine – I LOVE having these for breakfast. They are a quick, easy and delicious way of feeling like you are starting the day with a treat – but a healthy treat! You can make loads of different variations of these oat muffins using the same base ingredients – just use your imagination! I love using hazelnuts in these, but have also used walnuts, orange, berries and cocoa powder. Check out our recipe here.

4. Coconut flapjack

Unusually for our recipes, this one contains a little coconut oil. To be honest, we probably wouldn’t use the oil now, but have left it in there for you to make up our own minds – the coconut oil is in the chocolate topping to these flapjacks, so you could just leave the topping off if, like us, you have decided to avoid oil. Ok, that being said, these taste AMAZING and are a lovely healthy snack. Again, they are quite calorie dense so just because they are nutritious doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of them if you are trying to lose/avoid gaining body fat! Check out our recipe here.

5. Buckwheat pancakes

A healthy alternative to traditional pancakes, buckwheat has loads of health benefits and makes a really nice pancake! I LOVE pancakes and didn’t enjoy the thought of giving them up, so I was thrilled to discover (like with most things) that you can make a healthy version that is whole food plant-based compliant! Recipe to follow shortly!


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