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Top 5 ways to keep yourself motivated on a healthy lifestyle - Exercise Series

You’ll always start on this journey with the best of intentions. You’re all hyped up after watching the documentary which convinced you to be healthier right? Game Changers – I’m looking at you.

You may find this quickly dissipates though after a few days or a few weeks of being healthy. You may start to question why you’re doing it and what the point is. It’s the same with many things in life – you’ve got to work to achieve your goals.

I’ve put together a little list on things to do to re-motivate yourself on this journey.

1) Look at before photos and compare to now

You may be tempted to compare yourself to fitness models or these Instagram gods, but the only thing that’s going to do is make you disheartened when you don’t achieve those kinds of physiques. What they don’t tell you is what goes into those photos. It’s a lot about angles, lighting and getting pumped pre-shot. It also takes year and years of dedication for a lot of those people to look like that. Sorry, but you’re not going to achieve that in ten weeks.

What would be good is to take a before photo, or a photo as soon as you can, and compare a photo of you a few weeks down the line. You won’t see the difference when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday because us humans have very short memories. When you look at a photo of yourself weeks ago and a photo of yourself now in the same position etc, you’ll see the great changes!

2) Take a look at your metrics progress – see how far you’ve come

Similar to the above, this is so that you can see how far you’ve come in a certain time frame. I personally weigh in every week, and the app I use which connects to my scales shows me a nice graph (yes I know, that’s lazy, I could just write it down). This is so motivating if I’m trying to lose weight to see how well I’ve done previously and to re-energise myself to get back on the wagon.

Likewise, I do it with the weight’s I’m lifting in the gym, my waist measurements and running times/cycling times. Revisiting these and looking back really is a great kick up the backside to say look how far you’ve come, and look how far you can keep going!

3) Watch some inspiring documentaries

I love these. Netflix is great for this type of thing, whether you watch something like Ultimate Beast Master (where people show feats of physical endurance) or one of the many Crossfit documentaries to get you in the mood for exercising, it really works.

Alternatively you can watch one of the documentaries which may have inspired you in the first place. I know a lot of you are here due to Game Changers, which is a recent documentary based on plant based athletes. It’s a great motivating documentary, and there are others which are inspiring like What the Health and Forks over Knives.

4) Try and note down how you feel after you’ve done a workout to look back on in future

This is a great one. Who are you to argue with yourself? No matter how many times I tell you how great exercising is and how great it can make you feel, you really only believe it once you’ve done it and you feel great. So next time why not take a short video or note down in your exercise diary how great you do feel after exercising. Then you can revisit this when you’re contemplating going for a run or going to the gym.

I sure as hell know every-time I do some exercise I feel great, and to actually see myself after exercising proclaiming that it’s great, well makes me look a little stupid to argue with that.

5) Celebrate the wins

You don’t want to be a gloater, but you do want to celebrate the wins. If you have someone in your life who is happy to celebrate your wins (even when they don’t really care) then celebrate your achievements with them! If you don’t, then you can use online forums or Facebook groups to celebrate those wins. Feel free to join our facebook group and do just that, celebrate those wins! We will all support you and help keep your motivated.


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