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Top exercises to do when you just aint feelin it! - Exercise Series

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

We all get those days right. You’ve had a long day at work, get home and just want to curl up in bed and watch some TV. It’s totally fine to have those days sometimes, but remember how great you feel about yourself when you’ve done a bit of a workout. Especially those evening you force yourself to do it!

Even when you’re into the gym as much as I am, sometimes work just destroys my motivation. I’ll have the best of intentions up until around lunchtime. By the time the afternoon is done, I’ve managed to navigate through the hustle and bustle of London and successfully arrived home after a delayed train journey and walk through the pouring rain, you may excuse me for feeling a little deflated. But doing 20 minutes on the bike or a home workout really is so easy to do and feel great for doing it afterwards.

That inspired me to put together some top exercises to do when feeling knackered.

1) Do a short bit of cardio you can do at home

The key to forcing yourself to get off your arse is to make it so goddamn easy for yourself that you really don’t have any excuse. For me, this takes the form of our beloved exercise bike. When you can put the exercise bike in the living room, stick on your favourite TV show and burn those calories, you’ve got no excuse. It’s a great idea to invest in something like this, as it really does come in handy when you’re feeling lazy.

2) HIIT workouts

Again, the reason this made it into the top types of exercise for me is because its quick and easy (easy in the sense you can do it at home). It works up a real sweat, is great to include in your weekly routine anyway, and can be back sitting on the sofa watching TV in no time.

To do a HIIT workout, make sure you have no rest between exercises, and do high volume work. Then once you’ve done one set of it, rest for a short period (roughly 1 minute) then go again. You can do HIIT with just one type of exercise, i.e an exercise bike, by doing short bursts of high intensity. So, you could gently cycle for 30 seconds, then sprint cycle for 30 seconds, then gentle for 30 then sprint etc etc until you are fully puffed out. HIIT workouts shouldn’t last too long, but should totally knacker you out. If you want some guidance on how to create a HIIT workout at home, you can use my home-workout example and just decrease the rest time.

3) Bodyweight workouts

Another easy to do workout. You have your body with you (I hope!) and so you really don’t need to do anything other than use that body to work up a sweat. No equipment, no machines, no nothing. If you’ve got yourself a go-to body weight routine, then just do this when you’re not feeling it. If you want inspiration of a body weight workout, then check out this post we put together about body weight workouts.

4) Resistance bands

These are truly great, and something I would totally recommend to anyone who’s looking to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve found resistance bands so useful over the years. You can incorporate them into a home workout, use them for yoga or Pilates, use them for rehab and take them in a suitcase on holiday. They are also great for using when you’re feeling lazy. If you’re like me, I can see my resistance bands from the sofa, so when I’m slumming it on the sofa, they stare at me as if to say “you could at least do a few of these!”. It’s true, you can do it whilst watching TV if you want, and you can do as many or as few as you want. They don’t take much effort and you can set your own intensity. I haven’t put together a workout based entirely on resistance bands yet, but I will update this page with a link when I have. You can however use them for bicep curls and tricep pushes, so you can still build those arms when feeling lazy 😉.

5) A jog

I know, I know. You’re saying how the hell has jogging made it into your top 5, jogging is effort! Yes, true, jogging works up a sweat, but you control the effort of it. The reason I’ve put it in here is because it doesn’t take much to just walk out your door and go for a little jog. You can turn it into just a 1km slow jog, or maybe once you’ve got going – might even feel like doing a 5k or 10k! The beauty I find with jogging is you can go out with the intention to do a slow short jog – therefore making it seem like less effort, then when you’re in the swing of things (and the endorphins start kicking in) start thinking you may as well do one more lap or a little bit further. I also ALWAYS feel like I’ve done a workout when I’ve gone for a jog!


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