Silvia, Trainee Solicitor

"I love the fact they are so knowledgeable about the body, living a healthy life and having a healthy diet. 


During our sessions, I can see they really focus on ensuring that I am getting the right workout for my goals, but also for my wellbeing. As I mentioned that I work at a desk all day, they suggested that we also do some exercises for the back, to help with my posture - they have already won me over!"

Bex, Teacher

"I recently decided I wanted to do more to build strength and generally get into better shape. Jenny and Jonny designed me a fantastic routine that I could do in my living room, with limited equipment. So grateful for their continued support on my fitness journey!”

Karl, Product Executive

"I came to Jenny and Jonny for their expertise in fitness and training. I had been training for a few years by learning from videos on YouTube and fitness blogs, but found it challenging to design a programme that would cater to my specific training requirements. I had quite a specific goal of being able to pack on lean muscle mass while incorporating some calisthenics, cardio and factoring in adequate time for rest and recovery.


They quickly designed a personalised training plan that provided me with the right level of challenge. Any questions I had were answered promptly. 


After 3 months I could see the results and have Jonny and Jenny to thank for the help in designing the programme and guiding me throughout the process. If you choose to work with them I can assure you you won’t regret it!"

Ian, Renewable Energy Technical Consultant

"At the wrong side of 65 (just), sitting at a computer all day, I was starting to note some muscle loss, so asked Jonny and Jenny to come up with a gym workout to start building muscle back, especially in my arms, chest and abs.


They came up with an all-body regime, based on three different workouts, spread across each week. I have been on it for about 6 months and have really noticed the difference, my whole body feels a lot tighter. I have also had some compliments from younger gym members!


I found the Herbivore Health PT App really helpful, as initially there were so many different exercises spread across three workouts, that I could not remember which exercise to do on which day! The HH PT App kept me right, and also allowed me to track my reps and weights for each exercise. When I forgot how to do some of the exercises, all I had to do was watch the video.


The App also allows Jonny and Jenny to check in on my progress and message me with tips and/or encouragement."

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