Exercise is SO good for us, and yet so many of us don't do it regularly! Sure, there's loads of reasons for this; maybe time, budget or lack of knowing where to start. As natural introverts, we also understand that, for some of you, the gym can be an intimidating place, especially when you don't feel like you know what you're doing! We want to help you with that! Being able to do exercise doesn't mean you HAVE to go to the gym - you can still be your introverted self and be healthy and strong!

When I (Jenny) first started weight lifting 3 years ago, I was extremely self-conscious and felt completely out of place in the gym environment. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and I had NO idea what I was doing. The only reason I stuck with it was Jonny - he had already been lifting for many years and was able to talk me through it and support me. I'm SO glad I stuck with it, it's been one of the best things I've ever done - and we want the same for you!

So, whatever your personal barrier to exercise is - whether you really don't want to exercise in a gym or whether you are too busy to commit to in-person training - we  want to remove these barriers for you by inviting you to register for our 12 week transformation programme. It's a programme designed to change your lifestyle, not just your physique.

If you want some more convincing, then just take a look at what some of our clients have already said about us on our testimonials page!

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